Thanks for visiting our website.  Sanctuary is a diverse group of people from different neighborhoods and backgrounds who all share the belief that the beauty of grace is more transformative than any ethical program, ideology, or philosophy.  Though many of us feel cynical of religion, we are a community that is holding out for grace, confident that God is already working to bring about systemic justice, reconciliation, and wholeness.

At our core we are a community driven by a common conviction and story. What is that story?

The world is not what it ought to be. The problem is my substituting God with myself, resulting in disharmony and disintegration. Religious devotion, high ethical moral standards, good intentions, profound intellectual insights, and unleashed creativity are not enough to heal our world. We need to be rescued.

God did so by substituting humanity with Himself in the person of Jesus, thereby restoring the cosmic relationship between Creation and its Creator on the basis of His work and record – not ours.  This classic Christian message called “the Gospel,” is what Sanctuary attempts to spread – first through ourselves, and then through the city – in word, deed, and community. When we trust it – it begins to transform us and our world from the inside-out - rather than trying to change you from the outside-in by sheer will power. The importance of this truth cannot be overstated, and it is a truth that we as a community have been spreading from one relationship to another.