Street Journal

I just wanted to note what happened today with RatBoy. Everyday he’s making an impression on me. Today we were at the park playing cards with Brian and Justin. He came over, his usual flirty self. He played with us for awhile and then walked over to the other bleachers. We saw him and Dan the Man arguing. The arguing turned into fists flying. Dan started to walk away and RatBoy (John Cross) followed. The fighting continued until someone yelled 6-up (code for a cop is around). Both men were separated and questioned. Ginny and I could hear RatBoy talking with the cops and entertaining them. He could probably talk his way out of most trouble. Despite his bloody lip and split eye, he was joking with the cops and those passing by. Eventually, he came back to grab his bag and still he was threatening to kill Dan the Man because nobody gets Ratboy. But at the same time he asked me if he fought valiantly and if he could get a kiss. (Still joking) He left and after awhile, to my surprise, he with Justin and another guy started walking toward Dan the Man. Dan spotted them and started to walk away. Ratboy continued on extending his hand with something in it. Dan took it. They then shook hands and sat down to talk. The fight and reconciliation all took place within the time period of an hour. RatBoy although he plays tough, he’s not so tough. When Bear told him that he had been getting on people’s nerves and they were pissed with him he responded with I didn’t do anything. Then he asked Bear who was mad, if he didn’t mind him asking. Bear told him and RatBoy seemed really concerned. Then to see him reach out to Dan, after getting beat up by him really humanizes him. - susan