Who were they?

Went to Broadway and saw Bill across the street. Joshua called over to him so he saw us and crossed the street. He looked his normal self and he showed us some of his sketches. He talked about the retrograde of Mars and the zodiac and the way history followed the zodiac. He pulled out a bible that someone had given him to look up about the angel in Revelation who had one foot on land and one foot in the water. Otto (Gummy) walked up with a friend and told us about the PSKS feed today. He looked awful. He’s gained a lot of weight and he was drunk. He then walked off. We were chatting with Bill and then Grimace and Angela came over. Grimace was saying that they were going to go help with the PSKS feed at the Miller Community Center. He said that Elaine offered him a job to be in charge of the feeds. Angela was quiet. It seems that every time I see Grimace he has something negative to say about the police and he’s just waiting to be able to pull out his “retard card” for having schizophrenia. He says that if the police try to pull anything with him then he can get them for harassment of someone with a disability. He asked what direction we were walking and said that they’d walk with us. We ran into Poet and he asked Grimace for fifty cents. Grimace said that he had to go into the store to get it. Poet saw me and said that he was supposed to be at the hospital to be tested for his cancer. His speech and eyes were blurry. He then kind of staggered over to a car in the Dick’s parking lot. Grimace came out of the store and asked Angela and me if we wanted anything to drink. He told us to go in with him. Derrick was in the store and they talked for a bit. After Grimace paid for the drinks we walked out and he asked if I was going to the feed. I said I wasn’t sure and he said I should go. Then they left. Joshua and I walked to the post office and then to the park. Dorian, Dan the Man and several other people were sitting underneath the stairs. Dorian had cut his hair. Dan asked something to the effect of what we (those with social service agencies) wanted or were doing, and what difference were we making. I said we just come out to listen. We’ll help people get what they need if they want help. I asked if he wanted help and he said no, I don’t need any help. He talked at length about not liking the gays in Capitol Hill. He said that he originally came out here looking for his brother in 1999. Just a few months ago he buried his brother who was drinking and used some good heroin. He left his girlfriend and 12 year old son to look for his brother and now he doesn’t have anyone. He doesn’t even know where they are right now. He said the boy’s grandmother was always making him feel like he wasn’t good enough. They apparently had money. He talked about people on the street wanting him to be their dad, but he didn’t want any of that. He would tell them to go home, because after you leave your teenage years then people will be like “who were they.” Essentially, you’ll be forgotten. He seemed agitated, he got up and walked off. He made a racist remark to a black guy walking past and then warned Dorian, by saying look what’s around you right now. Dorian just smiled and said he felt sorry for Dan sometimes. Then we talked with Dorian for awhile (See Dorian on disk)

by Susan Kim