I was driving to school on Tuesday and I saw on the wall of a pet store/kennel/doggy pampering place this, “A dog wags his tail with his heart.” Anyone who has ever been around a dog knows this statement to be so true, if you have had the grave misfortune of never having been around one of God’s finest creatures and man’s best friend, just trust me the statement is true. There is a genuineness and continuity from the heart and life of a dog displayed through his/her actions. I think this is one, among many different things that I love and admire about dogs. There is a purity to their being. There is purity between what is true in their heart and what they do in action, it matches. Not that it is always good or noble but it is honest.
That honesty of living, serving, and ministry is what we desire here at Fisherman’s Club. That is why beginning in October we will be temporarily changing the format of our Friday evening outreaches. Rather than walking around with the shopping carts we will be prayer walking and taking prayer requests along Broadway.

We know what we are doing, and I think we do a good job at it, but I have found for myself that my actions and work have somehow lost contact with my heart

by Susan Kim