I can’t think of many “normal” nights on Broadway, but last Friday was strangely weird. Forgive the redundancy. It wasn’t that anything happened or didn’t happen that ought to have, but there was something in the air and I felt it all night. It was something of chaos and the first rumblings of no good.

I don’t know what it is that drew them out that night but Broadway was surprisingly busy with “street people,” many of whom were new to us though they did not appear to be new to the streets. They all seemed preoccupied, too busy to even spare change. All night I was unnerved by the business and busyness that pervaded the streets, the unseen chaotic energy of motion for the sake of motion. I longed for movement of glory, business and busyness that did not forsake the dignity of those involved or the glory of God to whom all praise is due, motion with meaning and intention to see the Kingdom of God expand.

The chaos that I felt made my skin crawl and unsettled my soul. Please pray with us against the forces that delight in the degradation of humanity and the degradation of God’s glory. Please pray with us that God would redeem the lives of those who have yet to proclaim His Kingship and Lordship and that He would redeem this city. Please pray with us that everything that is done in this place is done to the glory, honor, and praise of God.

- susan