Though for the most part many a part of the street community know that we who go out each Friday night are Christians or at least a part of a church, we still meet new folks who wonder who are we?  As you could probably guess the following account is an example of just that.  With permission of Anna, one of our beloved Sanctuary member and Fisherman’s Club, the following story is hers though the words are 

To give some background Anna caught the attention of a new street guy, Nate.*  They were able to talk and it seemed they were engaged for some time in some good conversation.  It was only as we were ending the evening and walking back to our cars that Anna told me a funny thing that had happened in her interchange with Nate.  I’m assuming that the usual questions asked when two new people meet were asked, what’s your name, where’re you from, etc. and then…

Nate:  So, Anna, are you like with a group or something?  Who do you come out here with?

Anna:  I come out with my church Sanctuary

Nate:  Oh… so you’re a Christian.  Well, that’s ok, you’re still cool.