It’s been a long time, since I’ve written.  Forgive me.  It is not for lack of need for prayer as you can see from the long list of names of those we’ve seen/met on Broadway the last few weeks.  In fact I’m quite stunned myself at how long the list is.  I can’t help but think and imagine if these 50 + people were to come to know God as their personal God, that would be 50+ people added to His Kingdom, 50+ voices added to the chorus of hearts that sing with their lives the praise and glory of God.  Even if it were only 1 of the 50+ the angels would celebrate, not because a homeless person was saved, but a lost soul was redeemed back from darkness and returned to the light.

Ministering to homeless by way of relationship is difficult and many feel a calling to a select few, but is it? When has the church and Christians been exempted from sharing the gospel of Christ?  When has the church or Christians been exempted from serving the poor, widows, orphans, and aliens among us? 

Though I go out each with a faithful few, oftentimes 50+ is not enough to care to be present and pray as we walk Broadway, and there is something wrong with that.  How many will warrant my/our action?  100?  1000?  Or will the 1 be enough for me/us to care to do something?