A couple of weeks ago, there was a woman on Broadway coloring her spare change sign with crayons. As we walked by, without setting down her crayon or lifting her eyes to see to whom she was asking she asked, "Can you spare some change?" We all responded as she continued to fix her eyes down on her sign. It was not just with us, but it was with everyone that walked by her. I'm not sure I saw her face the entire night. There was a nonchalance and shallowness to her request, in that she was asking, but it didn't seem she was really looking for or as Ed may say, anticipating that her desire would be met. I relate with this woman, preferring to ask in a way that does not really convey want or need, and when I finally do ask it is still without the hope and anticipation of fulfillment. I say that I trust God, that I believe He'll answer my prayers and grant me my desires, but my averted eyes and heart and vapid prayer requests convey something different. Ironically, what I've just written is followed by a list of prayer requests. What would it mean for this woman and for me and maybe for you to pray in a way that unveils the deep desires and needs of our lives? To pray in a way that bows our heads before God out of a sense of reverence rather than heads hung low from hopelessness? I feel challenged to let desire, hope, and anticipation burn in me. Let's stoke those flames with and for one another.-Susan Kim