Union in Christ: Hidden in Christ

Where is the power and assurance we have that we will grow into greater peace and intimacy with God? Once the work of God’s grace has begun in the life of a believer, one begins to face the adversities of dealing with one’s own sin and brokenness-which can at times be a discouraging and demoralizing affair. How does a believer in Jesus, have peace that they will in fact overcome? For our new series on Union with Christ, we begin to answer the question of where the power is derived to grow in grace and strength.

This past Sunday, we looked at Colossians 3:1-5 where Paul commands believers to “put to death” the sins that blunt our joy and connection with God. The Gospel commands us to not just die for our faith, but to kill-“put to death what is earthly among you” (v.5). The power and motivation to do something so difficult stems from our place of love the Father has placed us in the Heavens, with His beloved Son. In other words, the Gospel tells us that we are united with Jesus’ the enthroned, beloved Son of God, who already overcame the sin and misery we face through His Cross. As we reflect on Colossians 3:1-5 and/or listen to this week’s message, may the Spirit remind the reader/listener of the place of love and power we enjoy in Jesus and set our minds on the hope we have in Him who is our very life.