What is Jesus' Mission? - Part 1

“Pray for the Compassionate King!”

Precis:  Praying that Jesus fulfills his restorative mission reminds us of His faithfulness and gives us confidence for the future.

Principle:  What or Who we meditate on shapes our hearts.

We are often focused on praying for ourselves and others, as is good and right as followers of Jesus.  Moreover, we are sometimes reminded that Jesus is in Heaven, praying for us before the throne of God.  But how often do we take the time to pray for Jesus, our King?  Psalm 72 is a “royal psalm”  that the people of God would sing to coronate the enthronement of the King of Israel.  We believe that Jesus is the Last Son of David, who is our Compassionate King who hears the cry of the needy, broken and marginalized, (Ps. 72:12-14); and because he is good and compassionate we must pray for him to reign in our hearts, communities and the world—that he reign in justice, ruling and reconciling communities, and unto the end of time.  Praying for Jesus to reign shapes our hearts to desire what God desires especially when adversity sets in and we need the justice, peace and hope.