Sunday Recap: Mark 12:13-17

Jesus began his revolution from the outskirts - the suburbs - and now has brought the revolution downtown into the the people's capitol - Jerusalem. There, his authority is challenged by two political parties who try to trap him by having him choose sides. Paying taxes was a question of homage and allegiance. Was his allegiance was with the Pharisees (conservatives) or the Herodians (liberals)? Jesus answers by saying, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Jesus' answer is brilliantly outrageous. He presumes to speak for both Caesar and God which makes him out as a lunatic, or the Lord of Heaven himself. Here's the irony: Caesar had it all, but Jesus gave up all. Caesar had power. Jesus gave up power. Caesar was rich. Jesus though he was infinitely rich, became poor. Caesar defeated his enemies by crushing them. Jesus defeated his enemies by being crushed by them. What kind of revolution is this that gives up power rather than taking power? that serves rather than be served? that sacrifices rather than destroy? Alien.