Sunday Recap: Mark 12:28-34

The lawyers of Jesus' days (aka "Scribes") wrestled with a moral dilemma which we also wrestle with today. a) We cannot live without rules. It's naive for relativists to think that we can (consider the first chapter for Reason for God). b) We also cannot live with rules - It's naive for moralists to think that we can. The problem with rules is that they crush is. There are too many to follow. The Scribes identified 613 distinguishable laws in Scripture.

So what do we do? We can be situational with our ethics. We can create a hierarchy of rules (lesser and greater). Problem with that of course is who gets to determine? It can lead to oppression by those in power.

Or, as the Scribes did, we can ask Jesus. So they basically ask him this: Help us whittle the law down to a manageable way. What are the chief laws? What are the minimum requirements to get into heaven?

Jesus' answer amounted to: "Be perfect." Scribe's response: "I can't." Jesus' reply: (think of the game "Hot Potato") "Your hot!" And the conversation ends.

The Scribe got the first part of the Gospel. I can't. The second part of the Gospel was right in front of his nose. Jesus can.*

Bottom line: Get into Me. And the laws won't crush you. They'll crush me. Do so and the law will be a delight to follow - no longer a threat and burden. They will be an expression of who you are, not who you are trying to be. Problem solved.