Vindication and Validation

Recap of Easter Sunday message from the final chapter of Mark.... Romans 4:25 tells us that Jesus died to vindicate us with his death and rose to life to validate his payment.  His resurrected life is a receipt (proof) of that cosmic transaction.  That's some kind of receipt, eh?  Not a flimsy piece of paper, but the resurrected body of Christ - a living receipt.  It's not meant to be merely tucked away inside our mental file drawer, but internalized into our hearts, assimilated into our very life.  But how do I know this receipt belongs to me - of all people???  The glorious ending in Mark is how this receipt calls out our name.  Verse 7:

"Go tell the disciples and Peter, 'He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.' "

This is both pastorally practical and theologically profound.  You can imagine Peter (in shame) telling the disciples to go without him.  We think we need to repent (pay) in order to find forgiveness and acceptance.  But Jesus pays in order that Peter can repent.  So Peter, the biggest failure amongst the disciples, understands grace the deepest amongst the disciples, and thus becomes most qualified to be the greatest leader amongst the disciples.

That's how it rolls here in the Kingdom.