Praying the Psalms

We continue in our study on the disciplines of grace - beginning with prayer.  Praying the Psalms teach us how to pray in three ways:  (1) Through imitation and response.  Like a child who acquires his/her language from his/her parents, we too, acquire the language by listening to and responding to our Heavenly Father in his Word.  (2) With depth. We tend to want to deny the rawness and reality of our feelings, especially the darkness of them. We stuff. Or we vent in the name of "self-expression." The Psalms does neither. They pray them into the presence of God. (3) With accuracy. Left to our selves, we will pray to a god - "cartoon god" - who speaks what we like hearing, or to the part of God that we manage to understand. There is a difference between praying to an unknown God whom we hope to discover in our praying, and praying to a known God revealed in Jesus Christ and his Word. Big difference.