Confession - Psalm 32

Confession. There is a striking difference between our culture's view of confession, and a Biblical worldview. We either confess to get God off our back, or we confess so that God can "cover our back." Why do we need confession? shame and a desire to hide are conditions we all share - either we will cover our shame ourselves, or we will allow God to cover us. Ps. 32 describes our attempts as being insufficient - only God can truly cover us.

How do we confess? We break the silence and "acknowledge" our sin to God. We cease to cover our own shame, trusting that God can do a much better job.

Who are we confessing to? God is described as a rescuer from "mighty waters", as a hiding place, protector, or one who surrounds us with shouts of deliverance.

Just as God covered Adam and Eve when they disobeyed by slaying an animal, so he covers our shame by slaying His own Son.

[Preached this Sunday by Gabe Molinaro]