Unity and the Imago Dei

Listen to sermon Text: James 3:1-18 Speaker: Gabriel Molinaro

How do we use our tongues to bless God and others when we feel only curses?  It's when we see God's image, even in our attackers.

“I can never know beforehand how God’s image should appear in others. That image always manifests a completely new and unique form that comes solely from God’s free and sovereign creation. To me the sight may seem strange, even ungodly. But God creates every man in the likeness of His Son, the Crucified. After all, even that image certainly looked strange and ungodly to me before I grasped it.”  (Bonhoeffer)

And it is only when we despair of our own wisdom and our own ability to act rightly through reason and willpower that we can see God and his image in others.