The Judged Judge

Listen to sermon Text: James 4:11-12, 5:12 Speaker: Ed Park

Moral evaluation isn't the same thing as condemnation. Unfortunately our modern culture tends not to differentiate the two. Any kind of moral evaluation is labeled as “judging” and is seen as wrong. That connection is at best contradictory and at worst hypocritical!

Nevertheless, because of the connection in our culture, Christians clearly over-react. And what the world sees are churches filled with the legalistic judgmental spirit of judging or they see churches that are afraid of calling anything wrong at all.

Could we be a community that is absolutely committed to absolute truth without an ounce of self-righteousness, moral superiority, or a judging spirit?


Father in Heaven, Lord, may your name be glorified, above all others, above all this world, above everything else in our lives.

For nothing else in all of this world matters but to live our lives for you and you alone.

May your wonders never cease May your Spirit never leave May we ever long to see your face. And when we’ve turned from you again, oh how quickly we forget, May we be reminded of your grace.

Beautiful Savior, truly You proved your love for us. While we were sinners, in all our weakness, still you gave your life on the cross.

You saved us Lord from all of our transgressions and delivered us into your loving arms.