An overused cliche

Listen to sermon RECAP from Sunday: Habakkuk 2:1-4

Through the Thou a person becomes I. - Martin Buber

In any relationship, when the Other doesn't wait on us (serve our interests, meet our expectations) we tend to stop waiting on the Other. Imagine if a friend, family member, spouse or an employee, walked out on us because they felt it was unsatisfying or that it no longer benefited them anymore. What kind of relationship would that be? We would be furious! And rightfully so.

It's the kind of relationship Satan accused Job of having with his Creator - he was just using God to get God's things (affirmation, community, inspiration, forgiveness, peace, health, wealth, prosperity, etc.) Take those things away and Job will push God from center-stage to the margins of his life. How would God feel about that? I figure Satan could have taken some insecure, lonely, grumpy person and ask God to "bless" him/her to prove the same point.

Habakkuk is considered by many as a "little Job." He didn't lose a family or a farm like Job did, but he did see his nation ravaged by injustice and experienced a God who seemed like he didn't give a damn. But he waited. He waited for, and waited on God. What does it mean to "wait on the Lord"? It's such an overused cliche.

Preached by Ed Park