Mark 6: 45-56 Recap from Sunday

walk-on-waterIt is important to point out that when Jesus decides to "pass by" the disciples whenwalking on the water, his intention was never to "by-pass" them. To the original reader that phrase "pass by" is rich with allusions to God having his glory to pass by Moses. Jesus intention was to have his glory to pass by his disciples. Just earlier, the disciples witnessed Jesus feeding the 5000 and they missed his glory. Mark says they "had not understood." They saw His glory (who could not have) but they did not see it in His way. Their hearts, Mark says, were "hardened." According to John, the 5000 came to make him king by force if necessary. Perhaps they were disappointed that Jesus didn't seize what they thought was an opportune moment. The truth is, deep down, they were blinded by their own agenda - their own glory - and how Jesus could fit into theirs. So Jesus sends his disciples into a storm. Often times it is in the "storms" that what's hidden is finally exposed. And therein lies the real opportune moment for us. To choose what seems like complete insanity to us - like Peter did by stepping outside the boat - or like what Christ did by stepping outside of Heaven.