6:04AM Easter Sunrise Service

"...as they proceed on their way to Emmaus, instructing Jesus along the way, it is remarkable that they do not recognize who he is. We tend to blame them for this, but perhaps we are far too quick. We are not talking ’regular stuff’ here. We are talking about the resurrection. That we expect these two on the way to Emmaus to recognize Jesus shows us how difficult it is for any of us to comprehend the resurrection...Resurrection is the reconfiguration of all we know, have known, and will know." ~ Stanley Hauerwas, The Great Reversal This Sunday we will be having ONE gathering (there will be no 11AM service). The Easter Sunrise Service will be held @ the Don Armeni Boat Ramp in West Seattle (1222 Harbor Ave SW). Sunrise is scheduled for:


After our service we'll all head to the Chelan Cafe for breakfast. If you can't make it for the service at sunrise, come over later to the cafe and join us. We usually get there just before 8AM.

3527 Chelan Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106

Here's a a map from the sunrise location to the Chelan Cafe. The most important thing is to STAY LEFT so that you stay under the West Seattle Bridge instead merging onto it (the steel mill will be on your right)

I look forward to celebrating and remembering the Resurrected One with you all.

Blessings, Ed