There is this woman. She is an only child. She is really close to her mom and by her own words grew up used to getting everything she wanted. She is friendly and has a kind word and smile to share with most who cross her path. Karen* is her name and she is homeless. I’m sure there is much more to her story that would help to explain how this woman ended up where she is, but we haven’t yet gone there.

Friday night Karen was more concerned for her friend who she just heard had been picked up by the police and was now in jail. Karen kept asking that we pray for her friend, Mary* who “does not do well in jail.” The words just seemed to spill out of her as she talked about how Mary has been on the streets for a while, and how she is “her girl” and then suddenly and almost apologetically began to explain how Mary uses and is used for sex as a way of “survival” on the streets.

Did you hear me? Did you just read that? Read it again. Now stop and pray for Karen, and her friend Mary* and all the other boys and girls, men and women who have to do whatever is necessary to “survive.”

Then, Karen said another most painful thing, something, which still makes my heart hurt. “Sex is the way she vents, I wish I could vent that easily.” I cannot even begin to imagine what it is inside these women that having their bodies and souls violated would feel better than whatever it is inside of them that needs to be ventilated.

I write these articles, and I know that these people will be prayed for, but I want more. I don’t want these women or anyone else I write about to be poster children to be looked at from afar, but I want to challenge you to do something. What will you do to right the wrong of evil in this world? What will you do to fight for the Karens and Marys of the world? I hope you are broken and enraged that for many, violation is a preferable option in life, that bodies masterfully created for glory and pleasure are denigrated to the pleasure of evil.

We as the body of Christ are to love these women and the many many others orphaned by their families and in far too many cases abandoned by the church. So pray and follow God in what He is calling you to do to love your neighbor.

- Susan
*name changed